Pacific Coast Finale


After five months on the road, Paul Dorr and I have arrived at our destination. If there is one thing we have learned on this trip it is that a true adventurer must have all the drive to explore but to never expect on arriving. We have arrived to our one true location, our one true terminus. I could write about ‘looking-back’ and completely summarize my experience for you but I feel like that this … Continue reading

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Cross-Country Trip Ends in Del Mar


New Englanders Clint Valentine, left, and Paul Dorr, who work together on a schooner off the coast of Maine, have just completed a cross-country bicycling trip, all the way to San Diego. Raising roughly $5,000 for breast cancer along the way, the two men, known as Team Bowditch, ended their expedition in Del Mar. Dorr, 48, said biking through one of the coldest winters on record made the trip itself the most memorable part: “It … Continue reading

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To Paul W. Dorr


This has been the official completion of our coast to coast cycle ride. We have seen so much in the last five months. I owe tribute to my riding partner. Upon conception of this trip, our dreams included the grandeur of cycling the best natural wonders this world has to offer. We fathomed meeting every influential and interesting person that inhabited this country, and we were excited to be spending time doing the things we loved to … Continue reading

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Algodones & The Anza-Borrego


We crossed the dwindling Colorado River and headed South to avoid the interstates. We were parched by the desert floor and exhausted from long months on the road. In the distance we saw what appeared to be a a heavily sculpted beach. Spanning the horizon. These were the Algodones Dunes and have drifted North from Mexico. From desert floor to strictly sand, our paved road winded through terrain. Although short in width the length of … Continue reading

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Scottsdale Outlaws


We pulled into Scottsdale Congregational Church and set up camp in their Youth Room. Equipped with sofas and a centerpiece Foosball table, we were content to say the least. Our intentions were to rest up enough to traverse the Sonoran Desert so we setup a loose schedule and wished to see the most of the valley while we were their. First stop was old town Scottsdale where we were treated to dinner and desert in … Continue reading

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Our encampment beside Sycamore Wash was one of our favorites. We listened to water surge down a once dry (for 10 years) river bed and were enamored by the beauty. The grass was sprouting and the cactus were alive. The sycamore trees were host to the most vibrant of greens and the entire scenery was verdant with ferocity. I adventured off to into the canyon to sight-see when I came across a lady resting in … Continue reading

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The White Mountains & The Mogollon Rim


“The Rim is an escarpment defining the southwestern edge of the Colorado Plateau [and the White Mountains], and along it’s central and most spectacular portions is characterized by high limestone and sandstone cliffs. It was formed by erosion and faulting. Dramatic canyons have been cut into it, including Fossil Creek Canyon and Pine Canyon. The name Mogollon comes from Don Juan Ignacio Flores Mogollón, Spanish Governor of New Mexico from 1712-1715.” We continually climbed in … Continue reading

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The Continental Divide


Breaking our trip into sizable way points is a means of managing the long haul. Our goal was the Continental Divide at roughly 8,000 ft in the middle of the Datil Mountain Range of New Mexico. Starting low at the Rio Grande we pushed upwards with shallow grades. We were well-equipped and well-spirited and saw only clear weather in the forecast. It would seem this blurb of our trip would be rather bland if I … Continue reading

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Bikers on a Quest


From Maine to San Diego, Clint Valentine, front, and Paul Dorr pedal their way into history in the Susan G. Koman cause of fighting breast cancer. -Andy Towle PAYSON:: Biking across the country, Paul and Clint stopped by our offices (Payson Roundup) on a deadline day, (not the best time) but I talked with them and set up a place along the highway where I could get a good shot of them whizzing past on their … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Paul W. Dorr!


Let it be known that today is officially Paul W. Dorr’s birthday and his first birthday spent in Arizona. We awoke after battling a 50 mph headwind the previous day to a snow storm which accumulated up to three inches in some drifts. We pedaled through the last 10% of the snow and into clear skies with Springerville in the valley before us. There we reside, celebrating Paul’s 49th birhday here in winter wonderland Arizona.

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