Mojave Rattlesnake


This Mojave Rattlesnake, a part of the Pit Viper family, was found in Box Canyon 10 miles west of Socorro, NM. Although this little guy is only three to four inches in length he will grow up to be over three feet in length. The first snake Paul & I have seen since we started this trip, along with the first stretch of beautiful mild desert weather. We were lucky to have spotted this small … Continue reading

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Socorro, NM


Paul & I had just bought a dozen doughnuts at a local grocery store when we found the location of a cafĂ© adjacent to a bike shop. Truly a marvel of zoning. We setup our computer to upload photos and toured the local shop, Spoke-n-Word Cycles. I had some work done on my bike, all for around $0 total and was pleased with the modern upgrade they bestowed upon my drive train. Paul purchased two … Continue reading

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Valley of Fires & The Rio Grande


Carrizozo, NM, is home to those nearest to the Trinity Site (World’s first atomic bomb exploded in July 16th, 1945) and is a memorable town for Paul & I. Riding into Carrizozo is best done without an airplane altimeter for we would have easily registered a ‘stall’. With heated bearings and wind crunched faces we made camp at Valley of Fires National Recreation Area. Picking the most scenic camp site on the reclaimed lava field … Continue reading

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Southwestern Desert & Plains


We have been biking now through some of the most arid and tumultuous landscapes in the country. We have seen lava fields and strange volcanic formations that tower over plains of cacti and agave. Our only regret is that our days are spent making it to the next town. Which often holds our direct attention because of potable water sources. Therefore we haven’t been able to write quite as much of our travels due to … Continue reading

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Laughing Sheep


Out of Roswell, peering out at Mt. Capitan (10,083 ft elev.) standing in solitude amongst tilted plains leading only upwards, we were fooled into a false sense of ‘flatness’. Around a steep bend the road tilted greatly downward into the Hondo Valley. We found ourselves barreling into a rather fertile and ancient valley home to small ranches alongside the Hondo River. The smoothly sculpted hills were salt and peppered with dark green creosote bushes and … Continue reading

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We Were Not Abducted


We left Throckmorton, NM and headed West on 380. We passed through such towns as Clairemont and Aspermont. Arriving in Post we found the local Family Dollar and had intentions of only keeping on keeping on (Paul & I have come to the subtle conclusion that Family Dollar & Dollar General compete for our patronage). A married couple in queue with us asked if we would accept their offer to drive us farther down the … Continue reading

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Throckmorton, TX


We have only seen accumulation of snow in Texas. West of Dallas the terrain and geography changed drastically along with the weather. Mesquite trees and brush dotted the landscape. Towns became farther spaced and less and less populated. In some counties the population density almost matched one person for every acre (and two cows for every person). Stopping in at a local hunting and sporting shop we were offered a stay, 40 miles down the … Continue reading

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Scouts & Pioneers


Entering Texas we hoped for clear skies and warm weather. Coincidentally we got our wish while staying with friends in Plano, one of the many subdivisions of the massive Dallas metropolis. We made our nest in room 227 of the Day’s Inn. We stayed there for a very sunny week. While there, we planned on resting up and getting ready for the third and final leg of our journey: the great american southwest! We enjoyed … Continue reading

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Crossing Paths on 380


We have had the great pleasure to meet some truly driven people while biking great lengths. We are making our cross-country journey in the dead of winter (a truly foul weathered winter) and on a route that is unlike the few traditional routes planned by the Adventure Cycling Association. A few days ago at latitude 33.17204 and longitude -97.86115 we chanced upon two representatives from the International Mountain Bike Association. Sponsored by Subaru they were … Continue reading

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Looking Back, Looking Ahead


It is 0700 here, in Plano, TX. Clint is sleeping soundly, perhaps dreaming of future Solo adventures or his new bike or any number of things that an eighteen year old boy dreams of. I have brewed a pot of coffee and am enjoying the aroma as it fills the hotel room that we are in. Coffee in bed, a true luxury. Thanks to our hosts, Ben and Sherri, Clint and I are feeling like … Continue reading

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