Kindness of Strangers

Big_AppleWe were blessed again with a pleasant day for cycling; We made good time and decided to stop in at the Big Apple, in for a snack and a look around. The store, housed in an old barn, was full of the bounties of fall, and though apples made up the bulk of what was being sold, Acorn, butternut and blue hubard squash, as well as potatoes could be found. In a side room, filling row upon row of shelves, were a full assortment of jams,jellies and preserves.

While Clint and I bought some cider and doughnuts Jo was having a conversation with one of the folks working in the store, turns out she was an aunt of a good friend of ours. A small world. We thanked them all and before we departed we decided to get a group shot in front of the store of us and the store crew. Clint set up the tripod, we all smiled and said cheese and with that done we started to get back on our bikes but, before we could get going, we were brought back into the store and given free cider doughnuts and the best apple turnovers. Few things make a touring cyclist happier than free carbs. A huge thanks to the folks at the Big Apple.

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