Woonsocket Dynamites

WoonsocketOne of the great pleasures for me when traveling is the chance to try new foods.  This is even more enjoyable when the mode of transportation is a fully loaded touring bike.  No feelings of guilt when having seconds or thirds of anything. More biscuits and gravy? Sure.  Another chicken fried steak? Bring it on.  Another serving of dynamites?   What?    Now, lest you think we have gone off the deep end,  A dynamite is a wonderful, local food tradition found in Woonsocket, RI.  This filling and flavorful sandwich was, like many things, born out of necessity.   Woonsocket was once a big mill town and that means it had thousands of mill workers, and mill workers not only need food but it must be fast and cheap as well as good.  Hungry and angry workers are not good.  Thus was born the “Dynamite”.  A simple but satisfying sandwich consisting of a filling of ground meat,  peppers, onions and celery all slowly cook in a tomato sauce.    This meaty, spicy filling is then put in a very special roll that is Similar to a torpedo roll though softer and sweeter, but not as sweet as a hot dog roll.  A bit like a Sloppy Joe but better.  Very simple and very good.

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