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New Hampshire Hills & Hospitality

Bicycling the Kanc was one of the high points of our trip. We talked about the road for months prior. It took mental and physical preparation, as well as constant motivation throughout the trek to accomplish this goal. Upon completing it, we were riding very high. If we could make it through the pass, we could do anything! What could be harder than the Kanc, right? It is difficult to describe what it is like … Continue reading

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Day One

When our team first started counting down the days till our departure, the number was somewhere in the sixties. This number was recorded in bright white chalk on the side of our galley’s black cast iron stove. On the day that first number went up, we all were as mentally prepared and motivated as we ever possibly needed to be. As the days ran down and that number eventually reached single digits, the realization for … Continue reading

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