Bristol’s Finest and More Rain

Bristol_FinestClint and I searched around Bristol for a place to pitch our tent and toward dusk we found, what we thought,was a nice little spot in a small park near a pond.  Tent set up and dinner eaten we read bike magazines before falling asleep.

The rain started just after we went to bed but I had taken advantage of our time in East Haddam to reseal the bottom in hopes of keeping us dry.  At around one in the morning we were awoken by a police officer who using less than polite language, told us we needed to move.  We packed up our gear and moved on down the road finding a spot in the back of a large cemetery   We tried for a second time to get some sleep.  The first clap of thunder came around 2am and then the clouds opened up and it poured. Thought the tent did a little better we were still getting wet and this would have to be resolved.  We both had smaller tents at home and though I felt strongly against seprate tents it looked like it was our best option.  This would also give Clint a better nights sleep as my snoring keeps him awake.

Back on the road at 0730 with just a hint of rain.  Forecast called for clearing skies by noon but as we sat and had our breakfast at the Lucky Cup in Terryville the clouds parted and it was sun and blue skies.  We biked all day with plans of camping at the Housatonic State Park.  We both needed a good night’s uninterrupted sleep.  It was another day of climbing hills with beautiful downhill runs.  We entered the park just before sunset and while I set up the tent Clint built a fire in the fire ring.  A neighboring camper was kind enough to share some of his dry wood and, if he is reading this, we once again thank you.  We dined on pasta with Alfredo sauce that night and while Clint worked on his log entries I fell fast asleep while listening to the Housatonic river.

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