Cycling, Climbing, & Ecology

Rob DeBruyn & I have completed our month long tour of the Colorado Rockies. We have pitted ourselves against some of the finest rock routes on the Continental Divide and have experienced the camaraderie of wild cyclists and climbers. We spent every sunset, dark night, and sunrise in beautiful and vivid landscapes. We spent our days under the hot morning sun and the shade of pinyon pines. Our touring bikes were heavier than ever; our … Continue reading

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Ramp to the Rockies

We arrived in Colorado with a tick-list of goals that would define our adventure. Rob & I are well aware of the pitfalls that can come with planning too much of a trip or committing to many details. We pride ourselves on following the guiding words of the famous mountaineer Bill Tilman that “Any expedition worth doing can be planned on the back of an envelope.” This is an approach many find reprehensible and deserving … Continue reading

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Alpine Ascent of Mt. Evans

We filled our liter bottles with water and packed a few lunch treats at 5am. We were rushing to get out into the Rockies to start our alpine ascent of Mt. Evans. We wanted to complete the multi-pitch climb before noon to avoid the heat of the day and the afternoon thunderstorms. We sleepily chugged a cup of acrid coffee and tossed our packs in the car. The drive up Clear Creek Canyon, where we … Continue reading

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Two Climbers in a Coors Factory

Rob & I took a rest day and spent the morning relaxing. We have been climbing and moving about for weeks now with little time to recover. Our muscles wanted a small break. We are currently staying in the backyard of a dentist’s office in Golden, Colorado. We are required to remove our tents for aesthetic reasons, nobody wants to see vagrants living out the window while having their teeth serviced. Coors Brewing Company is located … Continue reading

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Climbing the Creek

Rob & I broke camp at Shelf Road. We have completed our southern tour of the Front Range of the Colorado Rockies and are getting excited to climb at classic areas like Clear Creek Canyon, Eldorado Canyon, Flatirons, and Rock Mountain National Park. When we abandoned the hot sands and scrub of Cañon City we looked forward to the cooler days and nights of Boulder and Golden. As most climbers understand, somewhere near the halfway mark … Continue reading

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A Select from Shelf

Our canned milk has spoiled. The heat from the prior day has soiled our milks. What is a bowl of oats without a splash of milk? It didn’t matter, we had brown sugar for assisting the bland flavor. Besides, our saving grace is our one truest luxury: two eggs each, slowly cooked over our white gas stove. I ran to the car and dug the carton of eggs from the coolest place we have. Rob … Continue reading

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A Regular Toad Floater

I awoke early in the morning to a dimly lit sky and to a torrent of rain slapping my wet tent. Rob & I have experienced summer thunderstorms in the afternoon but never a storm of this severity and at this time of day. Most folks call these monsoons, and then some call them toad floaters. I curled up in my ultralight sleeping bag trying to stave off a rainy day chill and began to … Continue reading

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Tough Limestone on Shelf Road

We rolled into Cañon City, Colorado late in the evening along with the summer thunderstorms. Our destination was a sport climbing area known as Shelf Road thirty miles north of town. We needed to stock up on rations and water before our planned stay at Shelf. We loaded up with nine gallons of water and dry goods enough for days. We wanted to climb for days without being bothered by simple things like errands. I wanted … Continue reading

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Montezuma’s Tower

Rob & I set our sights on a novelty climb to warm up our stiff muscles. Montezuma’s tower is an obvious spire nestled in between the taller towers of the Garden of the Gods. It’s only appeal to rock climbers comes from the fact that it is 160 feet tall yet only 3 feet wide. It pierces up through sand like a shark’s dorsal and has been described as thin, lofty, airy, and fragile. The … Continue reading

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Adventure in the Garden of Gods

I awoke in an RV park nestled between Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs. I rolled my tent out over tracks made by behemoth RVs and stiff suspension trucks. Many older gentleman walked beside me as I strolled to the bathrooms to clean up. I noticed the gentlemen wearing particularly clean laundered clothing and I was not. Rob & I paid a rock climbers premium for the site labeled overflow lot but it was worth it. … Continue reading

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