Corolla to Colorado

Nebraska_BackRob & I left Mansfield, MA early on Tuesday. We wedged ourselves into the Corolla after making small cavities in the touring gear we piled in the night before. We had everything we needed: two bikes, two trailers, fully dressed racks and panniers, and our entire arsenal of ropes, carabiners, and cams for Colorado rock. In preparation, I reached out to members of a few adventure email lists and I was soon connected to someone in Denver willing to host our car for a month as we toured the state. This makes our tour a little easier and we are already grateful for a little help.


The Corolla sat low on the pavement, we were slow to pull out of town; there’s no rush when staring down 30 hours of car-time across the U.S. We took shifts like sailors do when traveling across the Atlantic, four hours on, four hours for napping. After New England, New York, and Pennsylvania we became very bored. To spare the reader, I’ll condense our drive to a few humorous points.

Ohio: Rob & I amused ourselves at counting pancake houses. The tolls in this state were the costliest and equivalent in price to a tank of gas.

Illinois, Indiana, and Iowa: Rob & I were so tired these states came in an order we can no longer remember. The highway was empty, including most toll booths. Rob broke a twenty dollar bill at one of these toll stops only to have more than a dozen coins fly right out at him. It was dark while cycling through these states, they were quickly forgotten.

Nebraska: Hundreds of miles and nothing noteworthy.

Colorado: The scenery changed with the state line in. we were no longer channeled between blocks of patchwork farmland and instead we were thrown onto a highway with a parallel line of power and television cables. We were surfing a road hovering above a ocher scrub land. The highway leveled so perfectly that the heat and the oil within the pavement formed a mirror. We could see the sky smear the farthest reaches of road in front of us. The horizon was specked with stubbly scrub and the sky became bluer. We were in Colorado!

We have a few hours left of our road trip and our legs are sore from not moving. We have exhausted two iPods of music and have eaten more than our fair share of highway grub (not to forget, Rob has scored a new high in his handheld game of Angry Birds). We are eager to rest up from travel weariness and pedal off to the cliffs of Colorado.

About Clint Valentine

Clint is currently enrolled in two undergraduate degrees in Biology & Environmental Science at Northeastern University. He enjoys pursuits of endurance and distance which have included summiting many peaks in New England during winter alpine ascents, sailing the Atlantic in a vintage gaff-rigged schooner, rock climbing in five states including Oregon, and cycling 5,000 miles across North America. He has goals of pushing the envelope of his limits and combining his many outdoors interests into one big trip. He has a passion for photography and hopes to one day produce a documentary for a round-the-world tour.
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