Day One

Day_OneWhen our team first started counting down the days till our departure, the number was somewhere in the sixties. This number was recorded in bright white chalk on the side of our galley’s black cast iron stove. On the day that first number went up, we all were as mentally prepared and motivated as we ever possibly needed to be. As the days ran down and that number eventually reached single digits, the realization for physical preparedness began to sink in more and consume much of our thoughts, but the motivation level seemed to run steady and only grow into an even larger mass of excitement and curiosity.

Looking back to those first few days in the countdown, when confidence was through the roof, we all decided we were actually TOO excited and not thinking about the big picture of this bike trip. We decided to spend the day really analyzing what this adventure would entail and then come to our nightly game of Parcheesi with ten possible negatives that the trip might have. After an entire day of peaceful sailing with plenty of time to think, nobody was able to bring a single drawback to the table (Perhaps I mentioned my concern for impossible, steep roads passing through endless mountain ranges, but this is something I’m still in denial about having to face). Nobody could think of a single, hindering concern. However, we all seemed to think there was no way we would be able to get by without realizing some crippling flaws in our grand master plan.

We’re on day one of our trip now. Settling down for our much anticipated linguine with clam sauce and I can honestly say that I still can’t think of a true negative to embarking on this voyage. Maybe it will rain tomorrow, heck maybe it will snow. Maybe I’ll get a flat tire or not be able to make it up a hill. I can say for sure my inner thigh muscle is going to be so sore I probably won’t be able to stand up without assistance. Even in the case of these events, we will still have a great time because that is the type of trip I can tell this is going to be. I can’t think of a better combination of people to be with, scenery to be in, or challenge to be a part of. In other words, we’re off to a great start on a great journey and spirits are as high as the day we wrote down the first number of the countdown.

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