Getting Ready up in Maine

Downeast_MaineThe weeks have past and now it is just a matter of days before Jovanna, Clint and I head out on our bicycle adventure.

I have gone through all my gear numerous times, cleaned and resealed the tent, repaired my thermarest mattress and countless other little tasks that must be done before starting out.

In the past I have used front and rear panniers but in an effort to remove as much weight off the rear tire I have purchased a B.O.B. trailer. The big challenge is going to be avoiding the temptation to over pack.

I can remember setting out for my first trip. Loaded down with everything but the kitchen sink. I went once around the block and then unpacked everything, spread it all out and then brutally sorted through it all. Hiking boots? Gone. film camera and tripod? gone. extra shirts, pants and socks? gone. I managed to reduce my gear by a good twenty pounds and days later I would go through all my possessions again and get ride of more detrus. Having two other people to share the load will also be a great advantage. When you go solo, you carry it all, but with others the weight can be divided.

This will be, by far, the longest bicycle journey that I have taken. Almost doubling my previous trips. It will also be the longest that I have biked with other people, but I can think of few individuals that I would be willing to spend that much time on the road with. Living on the schooner in the summer brings the crew into a very close working relationship. Sometimes it can be a struggle and, like this summer with Jovanna and Clint, it can be a joy.

Well, it’s time for me to go repack and see what else I can do without.

See you on the road!

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