Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Looking_BackIt is 0700 here, in Plano, TX. Clint is sleeping soundly, perhaps dreaming of future Solo adventures or his new bike or any number of things that an eighteen year old boy dreams of. I have brewed a pot of coffee and am enjoying the aroma as it fills the hotel room that we are in. Coffee in bed, a true luxury.

Thanks to our hosts, Ben and Sherri, Clint and I are feeling like kings as we enjoy the comforts of the Days Inn for our stay in Plano.

Clint and I have been on the road now for almost sixteen weeks. We departed Rockland on a beautiful Sunday morning and that afternoon we had our first evening meal of the trip, pasta and leftover red clam sauce, seems a lifetime ago.

The first month of our cross-country journey saw us biking through the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Clint and I along with our dear friend and month long team member, Jo, will long remember the days leading up to the Kankamugus pass, the reaching of the summit after four long hours and the great run down into Lincoln,NH. This was the first, of many challenges, that we would encounter and conquer. Route 118 the next day. None of us will forget that tortuous ride to Warren.

Spending a few days at my sisters home and having a “Rambo-thon”. The beautiful days ride along the Merrimac River and our stay in Marblehead, complete with a cocktail party and fundraiser. These memories will also stay with us.

The Woonsocket dynamites, the Big Apple store and the roller coaster ride of Connecticut will not soon beforgotten as well as our stay with our friends in East Haddem and the police officer who woke Clint and I up during a rainstorm and told us to move on.

Pine Plains, New York City, Central Park super models and friends on Staten Island. Gifts of food and people welcoming us into their home. Camping beside the road and in makeshift shelters. The Outer Banks. Sleeping in church fellowship halls and the kindness of strangers, Christmas with friends in South Carolina, the flu and New Years bonfire. All this engraved in our memories.

The two week “cold Snap” that stayed with us through Georgia and Alabama and the wonderful people that made us feel so very warm during that time.

Riding the Trace into Natchez and our stay at the Twin Oaks B&B. Crossing the Mississippi and being fortunate to be given shelter for the night from James and his wife. The Catfish was great, as well as the hot breakfast. Rain, rain and more rain.

All that and so much more. We now find ourselves In Plano, TX. Clint’s bike is being cleaned and relubed and mine is in the shop getting worn parts replaced. All this for the next part of our journey, The Great American West.

We have heard stories about what awaits us. “Nothing west of Dallas but fence posts and barbed wire”, “Just Tumble weeds till the Rocky Mountains.” We are so looking forward to this. In part because of the wet weather that we have had for so long and also we feel the need for a drastic change in¬†scenery¬† With the record snow fall here in Texas it looks as if we never left New England.

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