New Friends

Southern_ChurchIt remained cool all day, and that evening, feeling chilled, I crawled into my sleeping bag while Clint cooked the evening meal. He brought me a hot bowl of Ramen noodles with an extra splash of Blaines hot sauce for good measure. Soon I was warm as toast and I slept well all night. Thanks Clint.

Another cold morning with temperatures well below freezing. We cooked our usual hot cereal and enjoyed a pot of tea. Then with cold hands we broke camp and got back on the road.

While passing a small country church we noticed cars in the parking lot and realized it was Sunday once again. We put on our cleanest dirty shirts and attended services at the Salem Baptist Church. Pastor Gardner delivered a nice sermon and the members of the church gave us a very warm welcome. One of the congregants stood up and made a plea to the other members on our behalf and a collection was taken as people departed. Well over $250 was donated for our cause from the wonderful people of this little country church and then as we were about to leave a woman asked if we wanted to come to her house for lunch. It was an easy choice for Clint and I and soon we found ourselves in the home of Fletcher and Daphne, enjoying a beautiful lunch of BBQ pork, rice and black eyed peas. An invitation for us to stay the night was given numerous times and, with the forecast of another freezing night, we accepted. After a good nights sleep, and a pancake breakfast the next morning, we thanked our new friends for their hospitality and headed on down the road.

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