Southwestern Desert & Plains


We have been biking now through some of the most arid and tumultuous landscapes in the country. We have seen lava fields and strange volcanic formations that tower over plains of cacti and agave. Our only regret is that our days are spent making it to the next town. Which often holds our direct attention because of potable water sources. Therefore we haven’t been able to write quite as much of our travels due to internet locations. We will have much to say in the near future as we travel across these ranges laced with deserts. Our current way-point goal is Phoenix, AZ (our current midpoint to San Diego).

About Clint Valentine

Clint is currently enrolled in two undergraduate degrees in Biology & Environmental Science at Northeastern University. He enjoys pursuits of endurance and distance which have included summiting many peaks in New England during winter alpine ascents, sailing the Atlantic in a vintage gaff-rigged schooner, rock climbing in five states including Oregon, and cycling 5,000 miles across North America. He has goals of pushing the envelope of his limits and combining his many outdoors interests into one big trip. He has a passion for photography and hopes to one day produce a documentary for a round-the-world tour.
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