Team Bowditch Says Goodbye to Team Bowditch

Goodbye_JovannaCrossing the swing bridge in East Haddem we set out for middletown with plans to stop at the Peddle Power bike shop.  Passing through Haddam we stopped for a look at the Thankful Arnold house.  As we were looking at the beautiful herb garden in the yard a women who was working on decorating the house for the coming holidays invited us in for a private tour. The Arnolds ran a store in the lower part of the house and added on to the house as the family grew.  The home remained in the family until the 1960’s. If you find yourself in Haddam, CT then it is well worth a visit.

Onward to middletown and new brake pads. We looked in vane for a family dollar store to buy food for the evening and instead bought some very expensive pasta at an organic food market.  The poor will never buy and eat the food they need at these prices.  Thanks to the guys at the local fire station that offered us a place to cook if we needed it.  Nice to be reminded that kind people are still out there.

That night we camped down by the Matabesett river in Cromwell, CT. As luck would have it it was also just behind a doughnut shop. This would be our last night together as a trio.  Jo would be leaving us the next day and though we knew from the beginning of our adventure that she would only be with us for the first month it was still not easy to say goodbye.

The next morning Jo surprised both Clint and I by bringing us coffee and doughnuts.  As a cook, who spends the summer waking around 4am every morning to light the stove on the schooner, it is very rare that I enjoy coffee in bed.  This is a true treat.  Thanks again Jo.

Back on the road we made our way towards Bristol, CT with hopes of visiting some of the museums. There in particular the clock and watch museum of which we had heard so much about.  If your crazy enough to ride a bike in Bristol, CT then you know of the hills.  One hill in particular forced me to dismount and walk.  I swear it was a 12% grade.

We enjoyed our visit at the clock and watch museum and I think we were all very impressed with both the size and beauty of this collection.  When we walked outside Jo’s ride was waiting.  We dismantled her bike and helped pack it in the car.  A final photo, hugs, and well wishes and then waves goodbye.  We miss you Jo.

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