The Old Capitol

CahawbaWe pulled into Milledgeville and stopped in for a visit at the local bike shop, Oconee Outfitters.  Andy, the owner,  is a nice young man and even though we were not there to buy anything he was just as happy to hear about our trip and talk shop.     A place to access the internet was our next stop as we needed to retrieve phone numbers of our contact in Milledgeville. The local coffee house gave us both the opportunity to go on line but also a chance to warm up some before heading back out.  I should also mention that Clint and I are still wearing shorts and most people here must think we are a little crazy, and they may be right.

Milledgeville, Georgia was the state capitol from 1806 to 1868  One of the earlier “planned” cities, it borrowed its design from both Savannah and Washington D.C.  Though early travelers to the city were unimpressed and complained of the overcrowding of the inns and the number of brothels, this would change with the coming of the cotton boom.  Wealth and prosperity transformed Milledgeville and attracted the attention of some of the leading architects of the day such as Daniel Pratt and John Marlor.   Also built during this time was the new state penitentiary and the Georgia Lunatic Asylum, now the central State Hospital.

During the Civil war, General Sherman  ransacked Milledgeville and during the reconstruction the capitol was moved to Atlanta.  The prison and hospital remained and until recently have been the largest employer but recent downsizing is causing Milledgeville to look elsewhere for revenue.  It is a fine location for bike riding and once again it’s location along the Oconee river may be its salvation as a destination for kayakers and canoeists.

Clint and I spent the weekend in Milledgeville and wish to thank Dr. Call for being such a kind host.  It was well below normal temperatures during our stay and we were both glad to be in a warm home and sleeping in real beds.

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