The Sunny South

Sunny_SouthThe sun is out, and the sky is a bright blue, but the thermometer is showing little signs of moving much beyond freezing. An Alberta clipper has dipped far into the southern states and even Miami Florida is feeling its grip. We spent last night camped off highway just a few hours ride from Milledgeville,GA. It was warmer that evening than it had been in a few weeks and Clint and I, rather than immediately crawling into our sleeping bags after eating, brewed a pot of tea and munched on ginger snap cookies while talking about the bike trip,future bike trips and future bikes. Soon the efforts of the day caught up with us and after a few yawns we wished each other a good nights sleep and we turned in.

As predicted, a cold front came during the night and with it some light hail. We had heard rumors of possible snow but when we peeked out of our tents the next morning it was as we had left it the night before. Colder now though and the insides of our tents were covered in frost from the accumulation of moisture from our own exhalations. We dressed in our tents trying carefully not to touch the sides lest we loosen the frost and create our own personal snow globes.

A hot breakfast of grits and tea before setting out for the day. Once again the sun was out but it was as cold a morning as we have had so far this trip and the coldest days ride to date. The down hill runs that we both enjoy now became numbingly cold and it was an effort just keeping our eyes open.

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