Westward Ho!

WestwardAfter two months of working our way south, down the eastern seaboard, Team Bowditch has made the turn west and has crossed the fault line. The kindness and generosity of so many people have made the beginning of this trip a great experience and we both look forward to the adventures of the road and chance meetings as we make our push west.

We could not possibly thank all the people that have helped us so far but here is a start. First on the list would have to be Clint’s father, who has done a wonderful job of building and maintaining our website. Neither Clint nor I could do this trip, as a fund raiser, without his many hours of work. A simple thank you does not seem enough.

A very big thanks to the many people that have allowed us to spend time with them. Some for a night and others for days. This is above and beyond and we are forever grateful. The Dorrs, Naglers, Brewsters, Coppolas, Martins, Valentines, Laquerres. Boulwares, Donsons, Skerrets, and the Brockways. Thank you Larry, who let us camp in his yard and brought us coffee in the morning. To the campsite owners who waved their fees and gave us a place to set up camp for the night. The Wenger family who took us in for the holidays and shared a great christmas feast with us.

The folks at the Congregational Church in Mansfield, MA, the Church of God in Swansboro, NC, and the Harris Creek Baptist Church near Jacksonville, NC who welcomed us in, listened to our story, and opened both their hearts and their wallets. We can not thank them enough.

Then comes the many people that we have met just ever so briefly. The USN Master Chef who gave us a weeks supply of nutrition bars and the Folks at DeLorme Maps for allowing us to set up camp on their lawn. Appreciation to the motorists and truck drivers that have gone out of their way to give us room om the roads shoulder. and the people who have stopped us on the road to ask about our mission and contribute to the cause.

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